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November 2016

2016 Clothing Voucher Program

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We are proud to announce our new voucher program courtesy of the very generous Later Day Saints Church. They are currently providing clothing and survival supply vouchers for our more marginalized workers. Monthly interns and volunteers go out to the fields and streets and offer shopping trips to the LDS thriftshop Deseret Industries. We are [...]

September 2015

Sustain Condoms: Sustainable, Compassionate, and Charitable…

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Earlier this month, SWOP Sacramento received a very nice donation from Sustain Condoms, which can be bought at supermarkets locally. "Whether the issue is social equity, climate change, poverty, water pollution, population growth or Fair Trade, Sustain aspires to operate as a model for how a business can have a positive impact in every area [...]

Steve Gustafson & Kristen DiAngelo Saturday Sept 12th, CatalystCon West

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CatalystCon is a conference created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality. It is about reaching out and stimulating those who attend to create those important conversations in their own communities, changing how we as a society talk about and treat sexuality.  It is about stimulating the activist that is within all of us and sparking [...]

July 2015

SWOP Sacramento Research on Survival Sex/Sex Trafficking – Now Available

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Available for download today! Sex Workers Outreach Project Needs Analysis A year ago we began SWOP Sacramento in response to the closing of We saw an urgent need to help those who would become collateral damage. Historically each time there is policing of indoor sex work, we see a huge increase in street [...]